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And Now Poetry.

Meabh and the River in Me by renowned Irish poet Ann Joyce to be launched in June. It will be available as a paperback and a Limited Edition Hard Cover.

An eclectic collection of poetry by Ann Joyce, featuring her poetic study of the life of Meabh the legendary warrior queen who presided over the province of Connacht in the west of Ireland.

Ann Joyce’s poetry is rooted in the west of Ireland. She has an interest in Celtic mythology and in particular Queen Meabh. Her prose poem, Meabh, set to music by John Carty portrays Meabh not only as a warrior queen but also as woman and mother

Her sense of how landscape can shape our lives is the subject matter of many of her poems. She is acutely aware of the sense of loss wedging a place in the heart but also how laughter can spring from unusual places and at unusual times. Her poems take us through a warm and generous landscape that transports us to places of loss, love and wonder

“She is rarely wordy but uses language in a primitive essential manner “

Watching for Signs, Poetry Ireland

“There are scenes of gentle beauty in Joyce’s tapestries of landscape and remembrance…. Several of the poems in this volume are quietly moving, especially those dealing with the old age and death of her parents and their generation” –

Watching for Signs, Belinda Mc Keown, The Irish Times

Cover Picture: Oak in Four Seasons: from a textile by Bridget O'Connell

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