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We are Proud to Announce the Launch of an Inspirational New Title:



The Best Working Environment..

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Unlock your true potential at work and in your daily life!
An inspirational guide to harmony and work-life balance
We've read so many articles about "thinking positive" or "living life." Every one of us has sets of obligations; a job, a family, social commitments etcetera. So how do we begin? What are the first steps that will make you soar?
There are many complicated systems of thought using various degrees of scientific terminology, all with the purpose of making you a better person. But what about what you want? And what if you can't spend the time, the effort or have the willpower to bear all those complicated systems?
There is a simple way to find your true self, to unlock your power, your abilities. If you're tired of thick books that go on and on, or fake cheerful movie-like expositions, then look no further. This one cuts through the Psychobabble and grabs the essence of a happy and productive life.
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Part 3 of the Blue Sky Saga.

After Maggie's Secret came Susie's Secret and now Lizzie's secret brings the dramatic conclusion.

Two Elizabeths; their names shortened in childhood, one to Betty and the other to Lizzie. Escaping their past secrets, they go to live in New Zealand where the past present and future they envisage become tangled in a net of mystery and intrigue.


Norm and Dig Going South.


Yes we are off on another adventure but this time we are going pole to pole. Even across the Land of Dark Foreboding.

Of course Sally and Pru are coming with us too.

We will meet up with some old friends and find lots of new ones too. Although some are best avoided.


Norm & Dig's Epic Adventure


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Out Now:  An Elf in the Machine and Other Stories

Crime writer John Goodwin has turned his hand to writing for younger readers.

This collection has all the thrill of the chase and exciting challenges of his adult genre with a level of fun that will appeal to readers, or the read to, of all ages.


Kids Army                               Inspired by BBC TV's Dad's Army

Bug or Me                                A little poem

An Elf in the Machine.             A secondary school caper

Dog-Spell                                A fairytale?

Snow White                              A Criminal Investigation

Lucy and the Manx Turkey       Especially for younger readers

Norm & Dig’s Epic Adventure An Extract

Ssh dont tel everyoune but Promo code DF89M for free copy

Out Now on Smashwords

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Norm and Dig have their own website. Please press the button to take a

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Norm And Dig's Epic Adventure

         A fantasy adventure for Younger Readers.

Norman and Digby take a year out, before going to Uni, to prove that the world is Round

They set off in a chartered a Postal ship to circumnavigate the globe without falling off the waterfall at the edge of the world. Only to discover that their girlfriends Prudence and Sally have stowed away. Together they face the perils of floating Islands, flying sharks, Pirates and the despotic ruler of the strange stationary Island of Ever-rest.

Story by John Goodwin Illustrated by Adrian Waygood.

Book Launch Rosses Point County Sligo R.O.I.

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Meabh & The River in Me

This collection of poetry by acclaimed Irish poet Ann Joyce, features her Epic portrayal of Queen Meabh, known as the Warrior Queen, who is said to have presided over the province of Connacht.

Paperback available 11 June 2018. Hard cover out NOW.


Out Now

We are Proud to Announce our First Non-Fiction Title

Advanced Rider Trainer

The definitive manual for training the trainer

Slow Hand Now available as an E-Book from Smashwords.

The Last Olympiad now Free on Smaswords

The Govenor Sequel to Slow Hand

Sam Miller, now Detective Chief Inspector, Leads the Somerset and Avon Murder Squad. While investigating a body found in an open grave at Paulton Church Sam is called to a mysterious locked room murder in the iconic Royal Crescent  at Bath. He soon is involved with Special Branch as he tries to find the killer and the missing former Governor General of HM Prisons, The Governor.



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