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After the successful launch of "Maggie's Secret Earlier in the year we are happy to announce the launch of John Goodwin's new crime thriller, "Slow Hand"

I suppose I knew from the first little jewel of blood that this would become addictive; that they would call me a serial killer.

DI Samuel Miller was never comfortable with people but, on his up days, he could be charming, intelligent and witty, even if a little insensitive. However, since the loss of his wife, frustration and self-deprecation tended to drive him into depression; his only escape, alcohol.

His investigation into the brutal murder of Sheila Delaney leads him into the convivial world of Modern Jive where he finds release and, to his surprise, romance. However Sam does not realise he is putting his new lover in danger as he moves inexorably closer to tracking down the killer hiding under his nose.

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