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Crime writer, John Goodwin has put together this eclectic collection of his shorter works. It is intended to allow readers to dip in when they have a few minutes to kill without having to break off midway due to pressing business. However it does contain a compelling five part period drama that might tempt you to read on. The Short stories and articles, both humorous and philosophical. include the famous “Socks” trilogy and are sprinkled with the odd poem and the authors personal comments.
Review by Robert Barker

5 stars A wonderful, quirky collection you have to read.

9 December 2018

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Mr Goodwins crime novels, I wasn't sure how I would find this. I needn't have worried. This is an eclectic, and wonderfully quirky, collection of stories, poems and musings on subjects as diverse as socks, finding love, cheeky elves and whole lot of other stuff. Fun and funny-bordering-on-laugh-out-loud in places, imaginative, reflective and poignant, this is a great showcase of Mr Goodwins wordsmith skills - the sort of book you can dip into for 5, 10, or more minutes if you wish, and come away feeling a better person. This book is a must for anyone who loves quirky humour, and stories that make you think about what is important in life - and lonely socks! I loved it and look forward to more of the same from this highly talented author.

Norm & Dig's Epic Adventure

Out Now.

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An Elf in the Machine and Other Stories

Crime writer John Goodwin has turned his hand to writing for younger readers.

This collection has all the thrill of the chase and exciting challenges of his adult genre with a level of fun that will appeal to readers, or the read to, of all ages.


Kids Army                               Inspired by BBC TV's Dad's Army

Bug or Me                                A little poem

An Elf in the Machine.             A secondary school caper

Dog-Spell                                A fairytale?

Snow White                              A Criminal Investigation

Lucy and the Manx Turkey       Especially for younger readers

Norm & Dig’s Epic Adventure An Extract

Meabh & The River in Me

This collection of poetry by acclaimed Irish poet Ann Joyce, features her Epic portrayal of Queen Meabh, known as the Warrior Queen, who is said to have presided over the province of Connacht.

Paperback available 11 June 2018. Hard cover out NOW.

Our First Non-Fiction Title

Advanced Rider Trainer

The definitive manual for training the trainer

Rich Imagination

Richar Palmer has come up with the goods again. More short stories and poems from our most prolific writer.

Susie has cause to look back from her years of living in auckland mew zealand to the traumas, fears and happy times that led her there. but when that past resurfaces, she has to confront these feelings once more and deal with them forever. enabling her to continue her life with peace of mind.
The year is 2015 - Susie is living in Auckland New Zealand with her fifteen year old daughter. circumstances happen while she is preparing for her art exhibition at a friends gallery; her mind is spiralled back on a memory trip. a long held back, deep seated memory which she has not been able to face since the freak accident in which her husband died.
She opens up to the time back in 1997 in Spain where a stupid mistake put her in danger and altered her attitude to life forever. she now has a secret she can not divulge to anyone, not ever. but goes on to meet people who help her face the future; a future holding marriage to a wonderful man, a daughter and lifestyle she never dreamed possible.
The release of these deep held memories afford her the opportunity to realize she can go forward into the future, and laugh again, without guilt. maybe to even love again!

Rich Palmer has gathered together a collection of his shorter works. Both serious and light hearted, poetry and prose, from lifes rich tapestry, Often told with a twist or saucy aspect. With appropriate and sometimes inapropriate illustrations for your enjoyment.

Slow Hand

I suppose I knew from the first little jewel of blood that this would become addictive; that they would call me a serial killer.

DI Samuel Miller was never comfortable with people but, on his up days, he could be charming, intelligent and witty, even if a little insensitive. However, since the loss of his wife, frustration and self-deprecation tended to drive him into depression; his only escape, alcohol.

His investigation into the brutal murder of Sheila Delaney leads him into the convivial world of Modern Jive where he finds release and, to his surprise, romance. However Sam does not realise he is putting his ne lover in danger as he moves inexorably closer to tracking down the killer hiding under his nose.

Maggie's Secret  by Beryl Lowe

This is the story of Maggie and the people around her.

Traveling between England,  Australia, America and New Zealand. Their lives entwined in jealousy control and mystery. Suffering extremes of happiness, despare and determination.

ISBN 978-0-9574523-5-0

Raft of Life

Three days out on the seven-day trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Bermuda the small but luxurious cruise ship “Ocean Eco Star” struck an underwater object and started rapidly sinking. Its position was about 700 kilometres from the nearest land, just inside the Bermuda Triangle.

It was early evening and most of the 700 passengers, oblivious to the thick fog that had enveloped the ship, were at dinner at the time. The ship started to list severely, rendering half of the lifeboats impossible to launch. In the chaos that followed, a small group of stragglers had to take their chances in the sea eventually finding refuge in an inflatable liferaft.

Cut off from the other survivors but, although for the moment safe, anger and stress threatened to make the wait for rescue a troubled time; time to dwell on the discomforts and privations of their predicament. Needing a distraction the senior crew member cajoled her charges to tell the party something of their lives before embarking on the ill-fated trip.


In this experiment in large group, collaborative writing by members of the Paphos Writers Group each of the main chapters were written concurrently and merged around a broad framework to form a single manuscript later.

©The Authors: Dorothy Bowman, Nikki Burrows, Gloria Cuthbert,Luke Godson, John Goodwin,

Andie Haynes, Brian Hodgkinson,Sue Leese, Dee Leigh, Eleni Protopapas, Frances Tomkinson,

Catherine Wells. All Rights Reserved.




Nicos Whispers from Cyprus.


This collection of anecdotes and short stories, by Nicolas Protopapas, encapsulates the upheavals in a transitional period in the history of Cyprus. A portrait of how one man managed the changes from British rule in the early 20th century through revolution, independence, invasion and partition, up to joining the European Union in the 21st century.

Written with great humour the author tells stories from his youth through education, both in Cyprus and UK, to return to his homeland only to be driven out of his village by the Turkish invasion. Apolitical in their nature the stories apportion no blame just illustrate how through good efforts it is possible not only to survive but thrive in the face of adversity.


ISBN 978-0-9574523-4-3


20 / 20 Visions

In this collection of short stories, the author speculates upon the way the world is heading. In “The Last Man Smoking,” it is how the Nanny State may legislate and its repercussions. Adversely, in “The Rise of the Geriactivists,” it is the lack of state support that triggers the pensioners into taking matters in their own gnarly hands.

‘Comparing Apples with Oranges,’ is perhaps a more serious practical consideration of the problems of time travel. When an inadequately funded amateur scientist undertakes an experiment and broadcasts it live on the internet it has national and international repercussions and creates a riddle. It remains to be solved, confined in the secret facility of Area 51.

In a lighter tone, it is back to school with “An Elf in the Machine.” Who is the little character that keeps appearing in digital images of the school football team? A high school morality tale with a fantasy element from digital fairyland.

A whimsical philosophical discussion of “The Present,” rounds out the collection of unpublished essays and is followed by a sample of the authors first novel, “The Last Olympiad,” to whet the readers appetite.


ISBN 978-0-9574523-2-9


        By John Goodwin


Even before the British Olympic Committee won the right to stage the 2012 games they confidently displayed a ‘Countdown to London’ banner on their website.

Little did they know that it was also a simultaneous countdown to events that, if they became known, would make London 2012:

                                                         ‘The Last Olympiad.’

When Gavinder, a disaffected British born Moslem helped install an explosive device in the concrete undercroft of London’s new Olympic Stadium he thought it was set to destroy the structure and cause the cancellation of the games. But other forces are at work and the consequences are far more than his conscience can reconcile.

       How did the son of a peace loving, law abiding family find himself involved in terrorism? A remarkable athlete wasted when unwitting prejudice left him rejected and disillusioned. The well intentioned attempts to turn him from the street-crime he was slipping into dropped him into the clutches of those who would capitalize on his troubled mental state for their own purposes.

      Menaced by Shakir, a murderous munitions expert, he is torn between revenge, his innate humanity and his duty to the Jihad. He is involved in love, hate, murder, rape and retribution. Can he keep his faith? If he tells the authorities will they believe him? Can he recover the computerized key that is the only way of disarming the device? Aided in London by a young Islamic student and complicated by a team of mercenaries with dubious loyalties, his adventures take him across Europe, into North Africa and back to London in time for the doomed opening ceremony. Fate, right wing extremists and Anglo-American confusion all play a vital part in the outcome.


ISBN 978-0-9574523-0-5

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